Dental Fillings

What are dental fillings?

Dr. Abraham recommends dental fillings for children who have tooth damage that is caused by cavities, enamel defects or trauma. Most children try to brush and floss as they should, but there are many areas that are missed as younger patients learn the best techniques. The tooth damage forms as cavities that are small holes in the surface of the tooth. The cavity is repaired with materials to fill the hole.


Why would your child need dental fillings?

Cavities in the surface of a tooth create excellent openings for bacteria to find a way to the pulp. If the bacteria reach the inside of the tooth, your child may need invasive treatment than a filling or to have the tooth pulled. Dental fillings close the opening in the surface to protect the tooth.


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We had a great experience with Castle Hills Pediatric Dentistry from start to finish. Dr. Abraham and her staff took great care of my daughter and made her feel comfortable through the whole visit. Their facility and equipment are top of the line and many precautions were taken to make it a safe experience. Dr. Abraham’s medical expertise is clear and patient care is a high priority. We will definitely be back!
Stacey Mathew
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What makes your child a good candidate for dental fillings?

Dr. Abraham typically detects cavities during her examination, although some cavities are found only with x-rays. If she finds that your child has a cavity, she will recommend dental fillings based on your child’s need. Part of her recommendation includes the types of fillings that are available. We offer tooth colored fillings for our patients.

What happens during the procedure for dental fillings?

Dr Abraham recommends the use of nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) for the comfort and pain controlling effect of the patient. The area may or may not be numbed with a local anesthesia. Dr. Abraham uses a special tool to remove any damaged enamel from the tooth. Once the area is clean, she fills the opening with a tooth colored material. Dental fillings are typically quick to perform.  

If you think that you need dental fillings or would like more information, call our office today and one of our staff will be happy to help you. 

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