Fluoride Treatments

What are fluoride treatments?

It is the use of a fluoride solution to remineralize your teeth in general. The process may involve the use of gel, varnish, foam, or rinse as well. Fluoride is an essential natural mineral that helps to protect your teeth. According to Dr Simi Abraham, it is widely used in the dental realm and has been in existence for decades. It is the best treatment if you have cavities or dental caries that are developing. The mineral will help prevent any more bacteria from growing in your dentition. The use of fluoride is an adjunct in the prevention of caries is safe and effective. Optimal fluoride exposure reduces the risk for cavities and enhances remineralization, strengthening affected tooth structures. Our practice offers fluoride treatment based on the individual needs of the patients. 

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Why might your child need fluoride treatments?

The procedure comes with a terrific benefit, such as strengthening your enamel that gets weak over time. It fights off bacteria that cause plaques and cavities as well. With regular fluoride treatments, your child will be less likely to have cavities and decay.

We are new to the area and saw a recommendation for this office on a community app. All three of my children enjoyed the experience and I felt at ease. The office is clean, spacious, and following safe Covid-19 protocols. The staff and doctor were kind, informative, and great with all ages!
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What makes your child a good candidate for fluoride treatments?

If your child has weak enamel, fluoride treatments will suit help to make it more robust. In addition to that, if you child has looming cavities, the process can help ward off the decay in the early stages. Your child’s oral health will improve once Dr. Abraham completes the procedure. The procedure can be highly beneficial to children who may not have fully developed proper oral hygiene habits.

What happens during fluoride treatments?

We begin by cleaning and drying your child’s teeth. The fluoride is applied to the teeth by a small brush or q-tip. Your child will be instructed to avoid eating, drinking, or rinsing for about half an hour after their teeth at most bi-annual visits, or whenever they may be necessary otherwise. Fluoride works to strengthen and completely protect so teeth, so with treatment your child will have stronger and more resilient teeth that are less prone to tooth decay. This can prevent the need for eventual fillings, root canals, and even extractions thanks to the protection provided by the treatments.

If you’re thinking of having these fluoride treatments done for your child, and would like to learn more about this option, call our practice today and we will be thrilled to help out.

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